primary school teacher jobs

Finding a teaching role in Welsh schools can be a challenging task but our teaching agency will succeed in making your search easier. Whether you are interested in secondary or primary teaching jobs, Kite Education can help to match candidates with schools in order to meet their requirements.

Our unique approach to recruitment

Unlike other teaching recruitment agencies which employ staff without a background of working in schools, Kite Recruitment only employs former teachers. This means that we fully understand your position and have the skills to help you find your dream teaching role. Our professional knowledge will also be a great asset to help guide you through the application process.

We offer a unique support network, where you will be paired with a consultant who will help you before, during and after your job search. This means that you can receive prompt advice at any time if you should need it. This is unlike other teaching agencies who only offer support during your application, leaving any questions that you may have during your job unanswered.

Finding a Welsh teaching role that suits you

Our approach to recruitment means that every child has the best possible chance of success, as we strongly believe in finding a suitable match which will benefit both candidates and the children themselves to provide the best educational experience.

Once successful in finding your ideal job, you will receive a competitive rate of pay. We also offer a range of payment options that can be discussed during the interview process.

Whether you are looking for permanent teaching roles, teaching assistant or supply jobs in Welsh schools, contact Kite Recruitment who will be more than happy to help you.